Why I dislike The Fault In Our Stars

Everybody loves this book, but my opinion is a little bit different. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I don’t love it either. I expected more that I didn’t receive.Truth to be told, there’re parts in the book, which I loved and others that I don’t, that’s why I decided to tell you my opinion and see if there’re people out there, who agree with me.

1. I found the writing mediocre and it lacked of descriptions. But the plot, oh the plot was amazing and that’s why I’m giving this book almost four stars. Overall, it didn’t touched me as I would expect and to tell you the truth, it would probably be the first time to say this but, I liked the movie more than the book.It was the movie that made me cry and not the book. I found smart that Green decided to end The Fault in Our Stars in this way, even though I predicted it. I knew that Hazel would choose to end the narration in this way, since her favourite book ended likewise. Afterall, life ends like a sentence, in the middle.
2. I didn’t quite understand if they truly fall in love with each other at first sight, or it they wanted to have this relationshop because they were dying. What really confused me was the kiss in the Anna Frank’s house. Why the applause?
3. I thought that Imperial Afflictions was a classic book I needed to read, in order to fully understand this book. I even googled it. It had the epigraph and all these references that I actually wanted to read it, if it existed. Now, about the end of the novel, I think Hazel should have left the author tell her the end of it, I was dying to know, just saying..
4. What really confused me was the fact that I didn’t connect with the charactes as much as I wanted. You see, the whole story, even their whole lives were based on cancer. But, people are more than the disease they have and in this book, it didn’t give that impression. I simply wanted to know what made them who they were.

I think this book is overhyped and has made a lot of buzz without any specific reason. It’s a nice book but nothing out of the ordinary that would make it my favourite. It’s just don’t understand why everybody loves it so much.

7 thoughts on “Why I dislike The Fault In Our Stars

  1. myenlumagbas07 says:

    The writing was good and all, but I find this book overrated as well. It seems as if cancer magically turned Augustus and Hazel Grace into teenagers who spit out profound views about life. And yes, people actually loved it even though it was just an average teen story with dying in the end.

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  2. sherlockianbooklover says:

    I didn’t like it either, I didn’t even shed a tear when Augustus lost his fight with cancer.
    It’s a kids with cancer story and I read it during the period last year when it was really hyped up, My opinion ‘Meh’

    I gave it 3/5 stars.
    It was a good story, and I think I want to watch the movie to try and connect with the characters better but to be honest, Jodi Picoult’s ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ is a much better story about cancer. That one made me bawl.

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