Sharp Objects Review

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Camille has a past. Her sister died when she was thirteen and fueled by grief, she started carving herself. Her relationship with her mother was never good and her relationship with her half-sister is non-existance. After ten years, when she is forced to return back home to investigate a number of murders, which are very peculiar. Two little girls were strangled, with no sign of sexual abuse, but they had their teeth removed. To solve this mystery, Camille has to evaluate herself and her family as well. Nothing is what it seems…

This book is not simply a psychological, but it’s dark, really dark. There’s something about it that makes it unhealthy; in the characters, the bonds of this family, the sex generally every piece of it. The characters are very complex and troubled, dealing with their demons, but the again their motives are well explained. The plot is well-structured and the writing is good, filled with details and descriptions. Honestly, it’s not one of the best thrillers I’ve ever read, but the fact that she made the women in this novel so cold and cruel, fascinated me. It’s so unsettling, but yet I found the twist cheap and a little obvious. I don’t know, maybe the epigraph on the book “This family is toxic” gave me hints to find out who it was.

Here are some notes about this book for those who have read it and are curious to know what I think, but if you haven’t read it yet then, you shouldn’t continue, for it contains spoilers.

Firstly, let’s talk about the romance in this story. There’s none. At first, everything was going so well with Richard; the kiss on her hand, his confession and etcetera, but everything was ruined when the sex happened. All their intercourses were pathetic and generally their relationship was based on the physical pleasure, even though that he seemed to care about her. She, on the other han, was desperate for a man’s attention and nothing more.
What I like in this book is how well the author has build the characters, even though they’re so messed up. Bit by bit, we discover Camille’s past as a kid, and we know what made her who she was as well as her mother. Everything was overly explained.
Ηer mother…wow! Just wow. I am really speechless. When I read about the incident when she bite that baby, I was convinced that she was the killer. I couldn’t ever imagine that such a profile could exist in a mother. I was extremely surprised about her actions and certainly that doesn’t justidy what she did. My favourite quote about describing her is “She never told me she loved me and I never assumed that she did.” Painful, is it not?

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