Pride and Prejudice Review

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I know that many of you, probably haven’t read this masterpiece. You have only two encuses. You either didn’t know that existed or you are foreign and you didn’t read classics in high school. If you know that this book does exists and you consciously avoit reading it, THEN stop everything you do and go get it. Read it! Is “Pride and Prejudice” the novel to introduce a new reader to Austen for the first time? Of course! It’s her best novel, after all. You’d be hooked from the first sentence; as I was. It’s terribly wonderful and clever, a romantic story that happens to be funny, with great character sketches that they remain unforgettable.

If I could, then I would give a million stars to Pride and Prejudice. I think that it’s Jane Austen’s best work, but you don’t need me to tell you that. She remains a queen of English Literature and she had proven it for centuries.
Here are my brief thoughts about the book :
1. As for the plot, it’s the best romantic story ever written. I wish though that Austen would have written a chapter of their married life. It would have reduced everyone’s curiosity.
2. The characters in this novel are so well sketched and portrayed. Take for example, Mr. Hurst who said to Elizabeth when their party played cards “Do you prefer cards to reading? That’s singular”. It’s the only sentence he said in the whole book, but still you can understand what kind of person he is.
Honestly, Elizabeth is my favourite female character of all time.
3. Ohh the sentences, how wonderful they are. They do have a style of their own! Austen did a great thing writing those dialogs.
4. Even the ridiculous characters, like Mr. Collins, Lydia and Mrs Bennet makes us laugh at their ridicule. If you think about it, we should instinctively hate them, but we don’t. Instead, we only sympathise them and cheer everytime they get in the room.
5. What really fascinates me about this book is that everytime I read it, it’s like I have never read it before. I see things that I didn’t notice previously. I don’t know if I’m the only one feeling that way.
6. And there’s Darcy. What can I say about him? Words wouldn’t do justice. Fitzwilliam Darcy set the level too high!

27 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice Review

  1. sherlockianbooklover says:

    I’ve read Pride and Predjuice, and I’ll likely re-read it because I didn’t review.
    As for adaptations, in my eyes Keira Knightley can do no wrong- although I haven’t sat and watched the Colin Firth version (due to the length, but I will….eventually) but I did like the way Matthew McFadyen played Darcy.

    It’s a great classic though. I need to read more Austen.

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  2. LilysBookBlog says:

    I haven’t rewatched Pride and Prejudice and ages but I remember it being one of my favourite books. That being said, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the movie adaptions.

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  3. A. P. Bullard says:

    Oh, dear! I could not just sit idly by while one of my favorite novels was being discussed!!

    I have read P&P on and off since I was about ten. Discussions are numerous, as well as movie adaptations. It’s one of the most romantic stories I have ever encountered, and Darcy makes makes me flutter my hands and swoon. The first time I watched the movie, I had my book open and was checking for parallel scenes (yes, I’m a dork.) The movie has help with its soundtrack and handsome actors, but the novel has that romantic punch in the gut that the movie just doesn’t have. It can’t, no matter who directs it, because it’s not directed by Austen.

    I still love Mr. Rochester above all her other heroes, and always have. However, there is a great something to be said for the dapper Darcy, and the bloom of giddiness he flourishes in the hearts of his readers. *siiiiigh*

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  4. Eclectic Introspections says:

    Gem in a million! This is without debate one of the best book by Ms. Austen!!! I love this book!! Classics are hard for me because of the language, but Pride and Prejudice was pretty easy and enjoyable! Mr. Darcy will always be my top Book Crush and him & Elizabeth such an awesome pair! I love the 2005 movie version..It brin gs a little more passion into the story and modernizes it! And Mr. Darcy is beyond perfect in that!!
    P.S., In No.2 it’s “Do you prefer reading to cards?” not cards to reading 🙂

    Eclectic Introspections @ Flickering Lights

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  5. Priya says:

    It’s crazy how prejudiced people are about Pride and Prejudice. I know so many people who have avoided reading it because it seems too soppy or girlish, but it’s so much more than that. Elizabeth is one of my favourite heroines too, and I loved watching her grow through the course of the story. I totally agree with all the reasons you’ve listed, great post!

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  6. theorangutanlibrarian says:

    Great review! I’m gonna have to reread it for the millionth time now! This is one of my favourite books and it isn’t even my favourite Austen- have you read any others- I’d be interested to hear your views?


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