Stealing Marilyn Monroe Review


This novel is written by Sophia Warren, published by Alloy Entertainment. I want to thank NetGalley for allowing me to read this ebook, for an honest review.

Juliet Chadwick lost her mother when she was young, with having only her father to take care of her. But, he’s not there when she needs him, he is in jail. Now, Juliet has to deal with a depth that may cost her life, a depth that her father left her as an art thief. Her little collection of stolen art doesn’t help; she needs to get her hands on something bigger and costly.
After some research, she learns that billionaire Edward Aster has the famous painting of Marilyn by Andy Warhol, a piece that could help her pay everything off. Aster is a widower and he’s looking for a nanny to take care of his children, which is the perfect opportunity to enter into the house and steal the painting. But, everything isn’t going as well as she would expect, she likes his children and she even likes him, too much than she would like, given that she wants to steal something so valuable from him. Is she capable of doing it or something will eventually stop her?
Juliet is having a great time with the children and she grows a special bond with Aster’s daughter and slowly becomes a member of their family. From the beginning, there’s an obvious chemistry between Juliet and Edward, but they do their best to keep their relationship distance, so there isn’t going to be any serious attachment. After all, it’s the last thing they both want, until one time they can’t keep that distance anymore and eventually give in to their attraction. But everything isn’t going as well as it was expected and the deadline for Juliet to pay her depth is coming. What will she do?

Initial thoughts:
1. First of all, I have to say that I really love this cover. I fall in love with it from the first moment I saw it, so cheerful and bright, with great colours.
2. Sophie Warren really surprised me. If I’m brutally honest, I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did and I’m really happy that the author proved me wrong, that the end was going to be predictable. It was not, it hooked me until the last moment.
3. There wasn’t too many cliché moments between Edward and Juliet -only two- and that helped me to have a more positive opinion about the novel, not something that you’d expect in other novels of its genre.
4. The writing was really good and the conversations were delightful that made me even laugh at some parts. I also liked the fact that she used quotes from famous people as epigraphs to start the chapters. Last but not least, I was very intrigued by the idea of this novel, it’s an original story with a great plot and twists.

Stealing Marilyn Monroe was a really nice surprise and I would recommend it to any contemporary romance fans. It’s an easy-going, funny and totally romantic story that you should definitely have a look at it.

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