Hugo and Rose Review

Thank you St. Martin’s Press for allowing me to read and review this book.

First of all, let me tell you why I decided to read this book. I loved the cover from the first time I saw it and apart from that, the plot really intrigued me. It kinda reminds me of a movie I saw, called Sundays at Tiffany’s and I liked.
Rose was a mother of three children and she didn’t love her husband Josh as much as she thought she did. There was always Hugo in her life and in her dreams, for thirty years, but there was a difference. Hugo doesn’t exist. Rose made him up, when she was six and since then he’s been a part of her. Until, one day she accidentally saw him and when their eyes met, they recognised each other. Hugo was seeing her as well, but now he didn’t want to be called that, he had chosen the name David, but Rose preferred to call him by the name, he always known him. As their connection was getting stronger, Rose felt the need to be near her family and choose not to see him ever again. After that, things get worse until one moment she couldn’t control everything, including him. Her life was getting way too messed up…
This was an easy read for me, probably for anyone. The story was fun and not so predictable as much as I expected to be, but nevertheless I didn’t love it and personally I wouldn’t reread it. Maybe it wasn’t for me, maybe you’ll like it.
Initials thoughts:
1. The writing was good and the story flew naturally. The last twenty pages hooked me and I was curious to know the ending, although I didn’t like the epilogue.
2. Rose annoyed me in some parts of the book, especially her behaviour towards her kids and husband. I really liked Josh and I felt sympathetic to him, such an amazing husband.
3. What I didn’t like too much was that at some point Rose kept bringing Hugo up and she thought only of him, even when she wasn’t supposed to.
4. I loved the prologue and the first chapter, I loved the way the author described Rose’s past concerning him, but as the story kept going the style of writing wasn’t so good as it was in the beginning. I don’t know how to explain it, but it lost me somewhere.
I’m so sad that I put only three stars, because this is the author’s first book and I wanted to like it. I hate when I don’t like books that new authors write, I want to encourage them and make others love their work. But, this book I guess wasn’t for me.

9 thoughts on “Hugo and Rose Review

  1. A. P. Bullard says:

    I hate when I have to give a low rating to an author’s first book, too, but it’s best to be honest. You went about this review very well, and it was fun to read about your experience. Rose sounds like the type of character that would bug me, to be honest. The cover is super adorable, though, and is very eye-catching.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LilysBookBlog says:

    I absolutely love this cover too so I can see why it was one of the main reasons as to why you read it. Im sorry you didn’t end up liking this one more but I am thrilled that this one still worked for you. Rose sounds like a character i’d have a few issues with, especially since her husband seems like a great character, so I could potentially see myself questioning Rose’s behaviour. Lovely review 😉

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