My Reading Habits

imageI always seem to be discussing books over here but I’ve yet to tell you about my reading habits. I hope that you have some similarities in the way we read the books, or else I would feel like awkward.
Comfort is major important to me when it concerns reading and you’ll usually find me laying on my bed, under a blanket mountain. I like to feel warm when I read and whether it’s cold or not, I always have my favourite duvet nearby. What I also do is that I sometimes walk around the house with a book on my hands, reading and trying not to get myself hurt, because I usually stumble across the furniture. Unfortunately, I don’t have a reading nook but I plan to work on that and make something really cozy and beautiful.
I always have a pen when I’m reading so I can underline my favourite quotes and write down any thoughts next to them. Sometimes, when a quote comes to my mind I always open the book I read it from and I try to find it so I can reread it and with this way, its a piece of cake to find them. I also when I reread the book I like to look at the notes I’ve taken.
When I’m reading a book, I always have beside me a notebook so I can write down any thoughts for the book. These thoughts aren’t supposed to be written down on the book, because they are things I noticed and I need to remember when I’m going to do my review later. Then, when the book is finished I have a Book Journal, as you may call it, that I write down my complete review of the book. The reviews that I post here are more extended and detailed, compared to those I have on my journal. FOLDING
I know that some people like to fold the pages, because it’s more convenient but I hate it. It ruins the book, so I use a bookmark instead.
I don’t like to just stop on pages, I always try to finish the chapter first. I also don’t allow myself a long amount to read, because I find it harder to pick it back.
I seriously envy anyone who can reads a few things at a time, but I guess that doesn’t work for me. I like to read one book at a time, so I can devour it better. I also prefer physical books than ebooks. I’m sure the reason is obvious.
I usually read silently but when I have a book that I fell in love with a certain quote, I read it out loud. I have to admit though that everytime I read Pride and Prejudice, I read my favourite dialogs aloud.I know it may sound lame, but it’s really fun and I encourage you to do it.
Despite the notes I write down, I try to keep my books like new. I don’t mind second hand books with slightly creased spine but I never fold pages or break the spine or whatever. It really annoys me to see a book that has been used badly.

I TAG YOU… I’m going to tag anyone who wants to do it. I love reading a specific thing that it can mean different things to different people. So, I expect you to write a similar post about your reading habits and don’t forget to mention me and inform me if you’ve done it, so I can read it. Have a nice weekend!

66 thoughts on “My Reading Habits

  1. Book Nerd Girl says:

    Oh I’m not the only one underlining quotes in books and writing my thoughts nearby! I always felt like I was kinda weird because nobody of my friends does and I sometimes lend books and then they’re like: Oh, why do you write something in your books?
    Well whatever, I love your blog here! Xx

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  2. Killian says:

    I too have to be comfortable when reading, I really envy people who can read anywhere. I also don’t listen to music or anything while reading, I always end up focusing too much on the music. The Book Journal thing is actually a really good idea. I do album reviews too and I always take notes while listening to them but for some reason I don’t with books, I might pick it up now!

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  3. radiantreads says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one underlining quotes and writing in her books!!! Apparently it’s a thing of evil and ever time I mention it I get death stares… I just really like to somehow mark the passages I love the most… πŸ™‚

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  4. Felicia (asillygirl) says:

    We do things completely different! πŸ˜€
    That doesn’t make for a need for any of us to feel awkward. We just have different reading styles.

    I ALWAYS read at least two books at a time. I’m usually reading one epic fantasy book and other lighter books on the side. That way, when I’m not totally in an epic mood, I still have something to read.
    I have really no opinion on physical books vs. e-books. As long as I can read an e-book on my Kindle, then it’s as good as reading a physical book. (I don’t like reading off my computer screen though.)
    And I treat my books like hell. Really. NONE of my books look remotely new – even those that are actually pretty new. xD When reading a book, I wanna be as comfortable as possible, so if I feel like bending the cover or leaving a mark to remind myself where I got to in case I don’t have a bookmark, I do so. Unlike you, I love the view of my completely messed up books. The messier they are, the more I’ve liked reading it. xD

    It’s fun to learn about others’ way of reading! (:

    – Love, Felicia


  5. hermionefowl says:

    You mark your books?!? I hate that!! A notebook is a great idea, I just never remember to get one. I’ve been looking for something to post that isn’t a review, and this is perfect! I’ll do it later today (I hope) πŸ™‚

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  6. bellarah says:

    We work in a similar way- I’m always underlining, highlighting and writing on my books if I particularly like something or feel the need to comment on a passage. I think I’ve got this habit from university, I’m so used to annotating my uni books that it’s carried over. I don’t use a notebook but write up all my reviews from memory… Knowing me, I’d lose the notebook!

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  7. Josie says:

    Loved this post! I find we have similar habits. When I love a book or can’t put it down and need to walk somewhere it’ll be glued to my hands as I stumble around!
    Folding the pages is horrible!
    I also have started putting sticky notes in my book to mark things that stand out to me.
    Also , having a reading corner is one goal of mine.

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  8. autumnmiss says:

    I like your reading habits and agree with a lot of them. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. You have an amazing amount of comments for a blog thats only been going for a short while. Great work

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  9. thedarlingbookworm says:

    Getting all snuggly under a blanket – yep. Going chapter by chapter – yep (actually I’m embarrassingly particular about this one). Reading one book at a time – yep. I’ve never thought about taking notes as I read, but I might try that with the book I’m reading now to see if it affects how I write my reviews.

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  10. Lola @ Hit or Miss Books says:

    I love this πŸ™‚ Hmm, I have something against underlining inside my book. I swear, you JUST reminded me, I made a dream recently that I brushed a blue pen against a book page and that it left a mark and I wanted to cry. Hmm, yeah…I’m always reading on my belly on the bed or seated on my work desk chair. πŸ˜›

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  11. Come Hither Books says:

    I really enjoy taking a look into other people’s reading habits. It’s so interesting!

    We’re so opposite in our habits. πŸ™‚ Other than using a bookmark to avoid dogearing pages, we’re different in just about everything. I’m putting a post together and will link, but it’ll be a bit before it goes up. I’m going to try something different next week.

    Thank you for sharing your habits!

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  12. Emily @ Forever Literary says:

    Don’t feel awkward! I have a lot of the same habits. I don’t mark in books, but I’ve recently been trying to do a better job of keeping track of my favorite quotes. And YES, I have to read exceptionally beautiful quotes out loud too! I can usually contain myself if I’m in public, but if I’m alone? I’m going to bask in the beauty of the words.

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  13. acreativegirlnadia says:

    I’m with you on the comfort reading and folding pages and spines (erghh hate it!) but I also hate writing in books, like if I have to make a note about a book for school or whatever I have to do it on a separate page with the page number next to it πŸ™‚

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  14. alison41 says:

    Agree with you on keeping books in a good (not necessarily pristine, that’s a bit anal) condition. My more expensive books, and those that I will keep and continue to refer to, I cover with plastic. Many novels nowadays have very flimsy covers – I notice this particularly about books which I buy online.

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  15. Pete Hulme says:

    Fascinating! I’m afraid descriptions of my reading habits are scattered all over my blog so I don’t think I’ll be doing a special post on the topic. I have to admit I scribble my notes in the margin – usually a single word or short phrase to note the theme, as writers tangle and weave different themes together as the book goes along. If I’m going to review the book, I have recently developed the habit of noting the page numbers as a theme is developed so I can pick up on a quote or set of quotes quickly. It’s like a personalised index of what I am interested in rather than what the editor thought I was supposed to like.

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  16. Come Hither Books says:

    Thanks for doing this, Elizabeth!

    I shared my own habits here, and I’ve enjoyed following all the links in your comments too.

    Also, forgot to mention I do read things aloud too. To my cat, really. It’s the poetic, lyrical sections of prose, where the rhythm and shape of the words begs to be said aloud.

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  17. Emma Snow says:

    Your blog is absolutely stunning! And the pictures you take for your posts! BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had half the talent you do! Also, I am so doing this tag this weekend if I can! I love it!!

    P.S. I am now going to follow you because you are amazing!! ❀

    P.S.S. I also hate folding the corners of pages! It's like literally twisting a baby's arm!

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  18. The Storyteller says:

    I’m the same with reading to the next chapter. If it’s a really long chapter and I find myself getting tired (I usually read before going to bed) I will at least hope that at the end of the page there is an end of a sentence so I don’t have to turn the page when I start reading again… but I don’t know anyone else who does that!


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