How to Make Book Reviews


I’m tough on everything. I’m not really impressed with a lot of stuff and when I do, it can be on simple things. Ironic, is it not?
Anyway, if you have already visited my blog, you’ll see that I’m doing some changes, so I thought that I needed to check out my reviews and edit them a little. After a lot of research, I concluded on how reviews must be done, not that it doesn’t depend on you, but I want to make them good, really good.
I hope that this list will help you to make your reviews more accurate. As you can see from the picture I took, I made a list of all the questions I need to ask myself before I make my review.Β After I have finished my book and checking out my notes, I ask myself these questions, just because I find it easier. Sometimes I have no idea what to mention or what to say in general. Β Also, I have a little problem, when I love a book I don’t know how to review it, I mean that I don’t know how to give away the passion that I have for it. So, these questions really help me on what to say for the book on the whole.

For me, the only thing that it’s important on terms of structure of my book reviews is just that I don’t want the summary of the book to be bigger than my actual review. First of all, I’m giving the whole idea and concept of it and describe how I felt while I was reading it and then I mention more specific facts and things about the book, or else my initial thoughts. I try not to include any spoilers, because I know most people hate it. Personally, I don’t mind of reading some, on the other hand, it helps me create a clearer image of how the book is.
When I decide to sit down and write my review, I personally try to find how my review will be. The thing that I’m always doing when I’m reading the book is that I take notes of things that I find important and why this book is so special. These notes are certainly very helpful. For example, if they’re five main things in terms of reviewing the book Β that I want to talk about, I’ll point out those instead of caring about the character development and how was like. That happens because I want to talk about why the book is so special and how I felt. That’s why we read books, because of the certain feelings that give us.

This post doesn’t encourage you in any way to follow this way of reviewing, because I believe that there isn’t a certain way that you should make your reviews. It’s just an example of how I’m making my reviews and how the reviews I’m reading, want to look be. I’m just saying…

While I was writing this post, a question popped in my head and I’m really curious to find out. It’s about the book reviews and why we read them, or to say more accurately, what kind of book reviews do we mostly read. So, I decided to make a poll. Please take a second to vote.

What’s your opinion?
by the way, did you notice the changes on my blog? Do you like them?

34 thoughts on “How to Make Book Reviews

  1. Josephine says:

    That’s such a hard question! I LOVE reading reviews of books I’ve already read because I like to discuss it with them! Then again, I love reading reviews of books I haven’t read to get a sense of all the good and bad things about the book and to find out whether I will like it or not!

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  2. HOLLY says:

    Usually I read book reviews of books I’ve already read more than of ones I haven’t, but that’s mostly because I’m afraid that there’ll be a spoiler in there that I don’t know about beforehand. But if I know that a review is spoiler-free, then I’ll definitely go ahead and read it! Great post! πŸ™‚

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  3. Precious @ Clockwork Desires says:

    I’m reading this from mobile, so I can’t see your entire layout, but your header is really nice. And I love your tagline! Anyway, I know what you mean about finding it hard to review a book you loved, especially when you just want to talk about everything that happened in it. πŸ™‚

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  4. Felicia (asillygirl) says:

    Great post! πŸ˜€
    I have like a check-list when I do reviews. Did I mention everything I like about the book? Did I mention everything I dislike about the book? Did I mention my reason for reading it in the first place? And lastly, did I give the overall expression on whether or not I think people should read this book?

    – Love, Felicia


  5. sherlockianbooklover says:

    I usually write down my reviews in a notebook before I post them, I aim for two pages in the notebook and include a synopsis, what I liked, what I disliked and a star rating. I used the Goodreads star rating as my guide so I can work on how much I liked it from that.

    Then I recommend it.
    I’ve not been reviewing very long so it helps when I don’t have time to post the review on here πŸ™‚

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  6. Jane Emily says:

    That’s a great way to structure out a review! I don’t usually plan what I want to say in a review, but actually structuring one out might be more useful – especially if I’m having trouble writing about a book. Great idea!

    As far what reviews I prefer reading – I like reading reviews of books I haven’t read because then I can discover new genres, new authors and expand my reading. But I do occasionally read reviews of books I already have read as I like to see how other people react to the book too.


    • thebookishuniverse says:

      When I first started, I didn’t structure my reviews as well, but I found it really difficult to remember to include all the things I want to say. So, I needed to have a plan at least on my head.
      I’m hope that you use them and prove helpful. Thank you for your comment x


  7. A. P. Bullard says:

    That poll question was really hard! I love reading what other people have said about books I have read, but I also enjoy finding new books to try. It’s a toss-up, really.

    I loved your list there, and those are definitely some great guidelines to follow. Beginning and experienced reviewers could gain something from reading your post. πŸ™‚

    I love the changes on your blog. It’s more open-looking, and it has a calming sense to it. I’m a fan.

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  8. Cynthia says:

    Great post! The poll question was tough because sometimes it is a mixture for me. I like reading reviews of books I haven’t read, but if I have seen the review of the same book on a lot of other blogs I may not read it. I love reading reviews of books I have read, especially if I feel very strongly about it one way or another. I like discussing my opinions with other bloggers. πŸ™‚

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  9. Renee says:

    I usually read reviews on both! Books I’ve read- to see if the person may have felt the same way I did, and books I haven’t read yet. This is a really great post! Its funny, my eyes kept wandering to the photo and I kept saying to myself, “I love her writing!”
    Love your blog! πŸ™‚

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  10. Come Hither Books says:

    I love your handwriting, and how you handle the picture part of your blog. The personal photos always make your blog posts stand out for me.

    On Goodreads I read mostly reviews for books I’ve not read yet, as I’m deciding whether or not to read something or reminding myself why it’s on the list in the first place. From people I follow (on Goodreads or WordPress), I read both. I’m trying to get in the habit of reading reviews for books I’ve read here on WordPress though, as I’m more likely to be able to comment and start a conversation.

    Still figuring out my own review format. It’s helpful to read yours. Thanks!

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  11. Shannon says:

    Your review questions remind me very much of the list I was given in an Intro to Creative Writing course where we were required to give feedback to all other classmates.

    I’ve actually stopped doing stars in my reviews. I just got to a point where stars seemed arbitrary. There was a disconnect between what a 4 would mean for fantasy novels and what it would mean for literary fiction, so I just didn’t feel like using a universal rating did the books much justice. Might switch back though, who knows.


  12. RO says:

    This is definitely a good and useful topic! I find that lately, I’m reading tons of reviews about new to me authors and titles, and they help tremendously on what I’ll add to the TBR pile. Hope your weekend is happy! Hugs…


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