Stay Up With Me Review

I want to thank the publisher and Elizabeth for providing me a copy.

A deeply humane, piercingly funny, and already widely acclaimed new short story collection that features men and women we all know or might be, nagivating a world made unfamiliar by a lapse in judgment, a change of fortune, by loss, or by love.The stories in Tom Barbash’s evocative and often darkly funny collection explore the myriad ways we try to connect to one another and to the sometimes cruel world around us.The characters in Stay Up with Me find new truths when the old ones have given out or shifted course. In the tradition of classic story writer like John Cheever and Tobias Wolff, Barbash laces his narratives with sharp humor, psychological acuity, and pathos, creating deeply resonant and engaging stories that pierce the heart and linger in the imagination.

Stay Up With Me is terrific short story collection, sometimes moving, sometimes humorous, tremendously well-written, and incredibly compelling. Each of the 13 stories in this collection hit me in a different place; they mostly made me feel, think and definitely reconsider some things and I think I would love to read a full-length novel about the characters in most of the stories. It kinda reminds me of Carver’s short stories and I love Carver.

But let me tell you a little about every story. To describe them, I thought it would be better to include a quote that I loved from each one. So here it is:
The Break: She marvel at all the possibilities, a life that  young, so full of wonder and unsustained hope.
Balloon Night: That was the nature of night, you could see your entire past all at once and you could figure out who you were and what it all added up to.
Her Words: I would have done what I wanted in the name of love.
Howling at The Moon: It dazzled me; that we were watching a galactic past that would again repeat itself.
Somebody’s Son: You think you’re stealing, but it’s your, don’t you see?
How To Fall: I allowed myself to believe it was possible. I would stay out here, burning down the steep dark hill until it happened.
Letters from The Academy: Did you recognise the gift I’ve given you? Can we say that we are even?
January: I’m running and I’m on my own and it’s all I can do to keep from falling down.
Stay Up With Me: He won’t come back for her this time.
Paris: Life doesn’t just come to you. You find it. You grasp it. You make something of it.
Spectator: This is what feels like to be lost.
Birthday Girl: Leap from a plan in a flight
The Women: I was aware then that I had left the first page of my life and was out in the would in a way I was never before.

Initial thoughts:
1. As Sam Baker from Harper’s Bazaar wrote about this book: “The best short story writers can reflect an entire life through a moment -whether in five pages or fifteen. Barbash does that in spades”.  I can’t agree more.
2. I’m really surprised with Barbash’s writing. Each story has a different style of writing and for me, that was very refreshing.
3. My favourite story: Howling at The Moon

It’s a great read and I would recommend it to you, people who love short stories or Cheever will really appreciate it. I’m sure that you’ll love it!

6 thoughts on “Stay Up With Me Review

  1. rita says:

    Great review! I’m interested in reading more short stories, but unfortunately most people don’t seem to like those, so that I don’t know what I should pick up. But this book will definitely go up on my TBR.

    Liked by 1 person

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