The A-Z of You and Me Review + Giveaway

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Ivo fell for her.
He fell for a girl he can’t get back.
Now he’s hoping for something.
While he waits he plays a game:
He chooses a body part and tells us its link to the past he threw away.
He tells us the story of how she found him, and how he lost her.
But he doesn’t have long.
And he still has one thing left to do …

Many thanks to Alison and the publisher, who sent me a proof of this book and giving me the opportunity to participate in the blog tour.

Ivo is 40 and he’s dying in a hospice.  He’s very sad, with a head full of regrets and he hasn’t anything to fight for, until his nurse Sheila suggests to play the A-Z game. Eager for distraction, Ivo begins listing his body parts alphabetically, associating a memory with each. We get to learn about his relationship with his sister, his illness and what happened with his love, Mia. All these flashbacks reveal his troubled life and some things that he couldn’t let go. It’s a compelling novel about friendship and forgiveness. A comedy of errors, a tragedy of choice.

This is a sad book, because it covers a difficult topic, but it’s told with great warmth. It’s easy read with a perfect pace. Most of the time, I felt like I was reading about something precious and beautiful and that was practically the reason why I loved it. You’ll find various emotions, like love, hate, guilt, trust and hope. It’s  a sentimental book that you’ll leave you a combination of sadness and satisfaction.  The ending was exactly what it was supposed to be and I loved how the author decided to end it in such a lyrical way.
There are many people involved in this story, with each one having faults. You’ll end up loving them for who they are and what they’ve done. I don’t know how the author succeed to present them with so many flaws, but at the same time, you feel sympathetic and somehow you can’t judge them. I loved Ivo and the way he struggled.

imageEven from the first page, you know if you’re going to love a book. That’s what happened to me here. I can’t imagine a better way to start a story than this:

I know exactly what you’d be saying to me now. It would telling me that have to try.
To try to try.
But I want to give up.
I want to just lie here, in this bed, in this room with nothing to look at but the wall in the window and the magnolia tree beyond.
[…] If I could sit here and think of you, I would.

Honestly, I’m not easily impressed, but James Hannah succeed to impress me. His writing is amazing. Basically, Ivo is the narrator and he describes his feelings as he’s lying in bed. Sometimes we find him “talking” to his love, Mia and we get to learn about his past from the A-Z game, which proved to be very cathartic. Literally, I cannot fault a single thing about his writing. If he ever decides to write anything else, I’d be the first to read it. Frankly, I’d even read his shopping list.

This is a clever, real and vivid book and I’d definitely suggest it to those who love quirky and heart-wrenching fiction and if you’re a fan of  Nathan Filer, David Nicholls and Rachel Joyce, you’ll definitely love it. You know, it’s one of those novels that you don’t easily forget and that’s why it’s special.



We have one copy of The A to Z of You and Me for a very lucky person – it might be you! All you have to do is enter via Rafflecopter. The giveaway is open internationally!

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19 thoughts on “The A-Z of You and Me Review + Giveaway

  1. Avril says:

    Yes!!!! SO excited to read this, and as James Hannah is a local author, I’m hoping to catch an event sometime too. Read SO many good reviews and recommendations on it already; it’s a definite #mustread Would love to win a copy 🙂


  2. A. P. Bullard says:

    I’m not entirely sure if this is something I would enjoy reading, but it sounds like a beautiful story. That cover is super pretty, too!


  3. kuebra102 says:

    I heard of this book and really liked it but never got the chance to read it. This is a nice way of spreading the news of this book. Definitely going to pick it up either way!


  4. Josephine says:

    I love reading your reviews. They compel me to read the book you are reviewing, every time! Loved reading your review on this book, it sounds like a wonderful book! I think it’s going to go onto my TBR now.

    Liked by 1 person

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