How I Lost You Review

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I received a copy from the publisher for an honest review.

They told her she killed her son. She served her time. But what if they lied? I have no memory of what happened but I was told I killed my son. And you believe what your loved ones, your doctor and the police tell you, don’t you? My name is Emma Cartwright. Three years ago I was Susan Webster, and I murdered my twelve-week-old son Dylan. I was sent to Oakdale Psychiatric Institute for my crime, and four weeks ago I was released early on parole with a new identity, address and a chance to rebuild my tattered life. This morning, I received an envelope addressed to Susan Webster. Inside it was a photograph of a toddler called Dylan. Now I am questioning everything I believe because if I have no memory of the event, how can I truly believe he’s dead? If there was the smallest chance your son was alive, what would you do to get him back?

The story is told from Susan’s point of view and throughout the novel we see flashbacks in 1987 and ending in 1992. We see different characters, helping Susan with her journey to find her little boy, when everybody is a suspect and she finds hard to trust anyone. Will she find her son or is it just an illusion?
I was immediately drawn and the concept of this book really intrigued me. I had really high hopes about it and I can’t say that I was disappointed. I read it in four hours, desperate to find the end.

Initial thoughts:
1. Personally, I wanted to know more of the characters, because the book starts immediately and we don’t get to know how they think or how they’re like. There’s no much depth to the characters and that didn’t help me have a clear image of them.
2. The writing style is very simple, but the plot is strong enough to keep me intrigued.
3. The twist and the reveal was mind-blowing and I didn’t expect something like that. But, I think that the ending -at least for me- was a little rushed and lacked descriptions. For example, I wanted to know more about their lives afterwards.

Some people may not notice these things, afterall this is my personal opinion about the book. But, overall I really enjoyed this book and I’d recommend it to those who love crime stories.

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