Tribute Review

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I received this book from the publisher for an honest review. Thanks Monique!

Tribute is the first book of a YA fantasy series, which follows our female protagonist called Zara. Zara is a mage, which means that she belongs to an elite in a world where magic is power and the non-magical majority -called kine or cattle- are enslaved and it’s believed that they’re not human beings. When Zara’s father, who is the ruler of the city, kills her best friend, Zara is determined to take revenge and joins the rebels. One day, when she’s about to be discovered, she runs away but she’s taken hostage by until she proves her loyalty. But, her only goal is to keep herself alive and save Aidan, a boy that her father keeps prisoner. Soon, secrets will be discovered that changes completely the world as she sees it.

The world and the magic is great, people can control other people’s minds or they can fly. The most powerful magic is the projection of consciousness into other beings. Zara is a strong and determined character and the style of writing made me feel like she was whispering in my ear.

The only thing that I have to say except that I really enjoyed this book is that the author should have written a prequel. You see, the book starts immediately and we don’t really get to understand the world until Zara explains it half way through -thankfully, there’s a glossary. Why I believe that this book needs a prequel is because the author could have build up the world better and the characters as well. To me, this book felt like the second one, not necessarily that isn’t good, but I needed more.

I really liked this book and honestly, I read it in one sitting. It combines all the elements that a good book should have, like magic, romance and politics. The world really intrigued me from the beginning and I couldn’t stop reading. So many twists and turns and the plot is so hard to predict, the second half of the book was great. Cannot wait to read the sequel.

PS. How beautiful is this cover? Love that it’s shinny, so pity that you can’t see it.

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