The Extraordinary Means Tag

tumblr_njvbgxymfx1qdlytco1_500This tag is inspired by Extraordinary Means and it’s created by Robyn Schneider. She has also written The Beginning of Everything and on May 26th she published another book.
I saw a video on her channel and I loved all the questions, so I couldn’t resist.

1. I would give up the internet for a month for a signed first edition of this book.
You know, Internet is very important to me; I literally cannot live without it, so If I’m going to give it up, I would for something special. Probably an old book from 19th century. Oscar Wilde or Jane Austen. The Picture of Dorian Gray or Pride and Prejudice.

2. I would give up pizza for a year if it meant I could sit next to this author on a long plain ride.
Definetely Jonathan Safran Foer. As you all know, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is my all time favourite book and I’d die if I could converse with the author. I’d ask him about Oscar, what inspired him to write it and so many other questions.

3. I would sit through a thousand hours of commercials if it would ensure Hollywood made this book into a movie.
Ohh there are so many books to choose, but what I’m most curious about is Throne Of Glass. The book is great and I’d love to see all these action scenes and especially Celeana.

4. I would never read a new book again if it meant I could live inside this book.
Harry Potter, duh! I still wait for my Hogwarts letter.

5. I would let my Google search history be made public if it meant I could be best friends with this author.
I delete my Google search history every five hours, but If I didn’t, I would make it public for just chatting with Stephen Fry. If you don’t know Stepten Fry has written more than five books, so he’s considered an author. I think he’s amazing and I’d die if I could be best friends with him; not that it’s possible.

6. I would donate everything I own to Goodwill if it meant I could date this book character in real life.
Hmm, such a difficult question. I honestly don’t know. I’d choose Augustus Walters, even though I didn’t like The Fault In Our Stars, but I think that he is an awesome boyfriend.

I’m really curious to see your answers and if you’d choose the same. I expect a post from you!

12 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Means Tag

  1. Cynthia says:

    What a great tag. I would sit through a thousand hours of commercials if the Gone series would be made into a movie. That is by far my favorite series ever!


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