The Glam Guide Review


It was many years ago when I first saw a Fleur’s video on youtube and I instantly fall in love with her channel and ever since I’m a big fan. Her videos always make my day and her love of beauty, makes me passionate about it too. Personally, I think that she’s the best beauty guru, she’s even better than Tanya and Zoe of course. So, as you can probably guessed already when I found out that she was publishing a book, instantly I put it on my tbr list and that was when Phoebe from Headline, was giving away three copies of the book. I still can’t believe that I won one of them.

Let me start by mentioning how pretty this book is and also that I feel the need to congratulate the team of Headline for the amazing job they did on this book; it may be the prettiest book I have on my bookshelf. The cover is gorgeous; so bright and colourful and the watercolor marks make it even better. The photos and the illustrations that every page has are so beautiful and Fleur looks stunning in the pictures. Also, I have to mention that the pages smell amazing, the scent is so strong that everytime I turned a page, I stuck my nose on the paper, just to smell it better. God, how much I love this smell! Another small detail that I have to mention is that the fonts they used are my favourites.

This book is a little bit different from a guide, it’s more than that. This book simply contains tips and advices from Fleur for living a glam life, it doens’t have must’s and have-to’s as other guides and that’s why I loved it. It’s about developing your better self based on your own sense of style and learning to be fabulous in your own way. This book contains topics as beauty, fashion, travel, fitness, dating and even blogging. My favourite chapter is “Life, Love, Dreams and Everything In Between”.
This is definitely something that is thorough from the outset giving you informative experiences which doesn’t completely revolve around Fleur herself meaning its more relatable to the likes of you, even me.I love how she’s covered so many topics from how to choose a foundation, to creating a perfect manicure, it’s all there. She’s even written about DIY face masks and recipes and she gives some very useful tips that most people don’t know, like how to keep jewellery shiny. Then, she talks about dating and what to wear on your first date, what to talk, how to set life goals and points out how important self confidence is.

From everything to life issues, personal touches this book is in my opinion suitable for beginners, beauty lovers also for professionals looking for an easy refreshing read.


4 thoughts on “The Glam Guide Review

  1. Josephine says:

    I love her aswell! She is one of my favourite beauty gurus on YouTube. Her book is definitely INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL. I need to put this on my TBR (can you believe it? I haven’t put it on my TBR yet!)

    ~ josiethebookworm xoxo


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