Outcaste Review


This is the second book of the Tribute series, therefore this review contains spoilers. If you want to know more of the series, you can read it here. But, if you don’t mind spoilers then you can continue, I promise you that I won’t reveal something about the plot.

This book starts with Zara, who has taken a refugee in the Maker city of Gengst, where she knows that if her identity is uncovered she’ll die. She must live without magic and even though she and Aidan are finally together, her new life is way far from what she imagined. Zara hates the Maker world and their beliefs and she must fight for her rights, for women’s right to be exact. As the Knowledge Seekers work together to build machines powerful enough to end the centuries-long war between the mages and the non-magical Makers, Zara must face the evil that is her heritage, uncover the truth behind the childhood tragedy that haunts her – and find the strength to believe in herself.

Initial thoughts:
1. The first half of the book is all about war and has many action scenes, that you’ll probably love. Personally, even though I enjoyed them, I got a little bit bored, because there isn’t any character development or changes in the plot. But, Renner did an excellent job and the descriptions are amazing.
2. Those who wanted more Zara and Aidan scenes, they’ll be pleased in this book. We see them talk and have some cute moments and their relationship take the next step.
3. The writing is good and the vivid descriptions make it even better. The plot is strong and even though there aren’t so many twists, it’s still interesting. In this book, we learn more about the Maker city, their coulture and we see how feminism is examined.
4. The ending is epic. Couldn’t expect more.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and it was great to learn about their world, it’s a really good sequel to the series and we see more of the characters and their actions.

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