Red Queen Discussion

Many thanks to the publisher and Genn for sending this book. I’m so grateful!


It’s been over a month since I finished Red Queen and honestly I wasn’t planning to write a review, only because the majority of people loved this book; which is great if you did, but I don’t belong in the majority. No, I didn’t hate it, I liked it but I have a strong impression that I’ve read this book many times. Way too many times.
Everything started great, but as I kept reading I got really frustrated because Red Queen reminded me a lot of The Hunger Games and the more I think about it, more similarities I find they have. It just didn’t fell original.
But, let’s take everything from the start…
1. I loved the world building, because of the great details like the fact that when Silvers blush, their cheeks go white. The only thing that was missing from the book is how everything started, why Silvers have abilities and Reds don’t and things that send the foundation to the plot. Also, there is no reason given as to why the different houses have different abilities and I think that there should be at least some sort of explanation to that.
2. What frustrated me the most was the fact that Mare two days ago didn’t even know she had abilities and then she knows perfectly how to use them and can basically defeat anyone. Not to mention that she accepted to fight with Evangeline and she did pretty good. So unrealistic! If we take Harry Potter for example, Harry at the end of book one was a terrible wizard and didn’t know what he was doing and if Rowling had decided to make Harry great from the start, six books wouldn’t exist, right?
3. I know that some people hate love triangles and I can see why, but personally I like a little bit of angst. Unfortunately, I hated this love triangle as much as I did in the Hunger Games, in both cases the protagonist doesn’t know who to pick because they both treat her well and she kinda feels guilty if she picks one of them and in the end, she ends up loving both of them and because one turns out to be bad, she chooses the other.
4. To tell you the truth, I loved Cal from the beginning but I think their relationship is flat and I didn’t get what Maven said that Cal would always choose her over his country. Why? How did he come to love her so much? They kissed one time, there were some looks and of course the dance lessons. We only get to see one of the infamous dance lessons and the others are symmarized. I think that there should have been more detailed descriptions, so the reader can understand the relationship the author wanted to build, in order to believe the fact that Cal would actually choose her. Thankfully, he didn’t because I’d be more pissed if he did.
5. As for the famous twist, I found it predictable. I don’t know, maybe it was the fact that everyone was talking of it and I even though I wasn’t spoiled, I sort of expecting something to happen. But I guess this fact doens’t chance my overall opinion about the book and of course I didn’t rate it based on it.

Overall, I thought that there were great potential for the book and I was super excited to read it but I felt like the characters were pretty ordinary, the writing wasn’t that great; nothing to impress me and I found the plot amazing but as I said wasn’t original.

21 thoughts on “Red Queen Discussion

  1. Josephine says:

    I did enjoy this book but I agree with the things you said. There was so much potential for it to be great. So much more development was needed, character and plot wise. I was honestly so surprised at the plot twist, I literally yelled out: “HOLY MACARONI”. But all in all I want to read the second book to see where Aveyard takes the story.
    Great review. xoxo

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    • thebookishuniverse says:

      Yeah, I was really excited to read it and I was once again disappointed. There was so much potential.
      It’s great that you didn’t guess the plot twist, isn’t it?
      I’ll read the second book eventually, but I won’t rush as I did in this one. I’m really curious to see developments;)
      Thanks darling xox

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  2. kindlemom1 says:

    There were similarities between this and others (I actually thought it was more like Red Rising than HG, so funny how that works!), but I did still really like this for some reason. It just worked for me.
    I’m sorry you didn’t like it as much as you were hoping that you would.

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  3. Ana says:

    I had a feeling I would not like this book, even though all the reviews I read were positive. You have stated all the reasons why I would hate it. I really appreciate your review.


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