Mixtape: Eyes Wide Shut

To me, the best time of reading is when I’m alone. I love my solitude and when I don’t want to feel lonely, I always pick a book and usually biographies. For a strange reason, I wish to feel close to somebody, understand and feel his heart. Music helps a lot.
This is a mixtape of all the instrumental songs I listen to while I’m reading. You have no idea how much it calms me. I strongly advise you to take some time and listen to it, it’s wonderful.

Close your eyes and feel the air touches your cheek, as you take a deep breath. While you stand in the middle of nowhere, keep your eyes wide shut and let the world eat you alive.

One thought on “Mixtape: Eyes Wide Shut

  1. kindlemom1 says:

    I’ve never thought about listening to music while I read but what a wonderful idea. I can see why it would have a really calming affect on you. Thanks so much for sharing this!


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