The Selection: Chapter 3


Reading and Reviewing The Selection chapter by chapter.

Let’s do this.

In this chapter, America and her mum make a deal that will make her change her mind about the submission, which seems to me extremely convenient since she had already decided to enter. I don’t even understand why she hides Aspen from her parents. I think she makes a big deal out of nothing.


“America, if you loved an Eight, I’d want you to marry him. But you should know that love sometimes wears away under the stress of being married. Someone you think you love now, you might start to hate when he couldn’t provide for you. And if you couldn’t take care of your children, it’d be even worse. Love doesn’t always survive under those types of circumstances.”


Ohh guys, wait a second! Why is the man have to provide for her and why they can’t provide for each other? For families at America’s class, having your husband provide for you shouldn’t even be a thing. If so, it means that you’re luxurious enough to stay at home and do nothing and still make a lot of money. America’s family has barely to survive and they are Five! But as I already said, realism doesn’t exist in this book.

When America goes to sign up with her mother, she meets Aspen’s family and they talk:

“Yes.” Aspen’s mom spoke in a hushed voice. “I was cleaning at one of the magistrates’ houses yesterday. This lottery isn’t much of a lottery at all. That’s why they’re taking pictures and getting lots of information. Why would it matter how many languages you spoke if it were random?”

That had stuck me as funny, but I thought that was all information for after the fact.


Ohh god, show mercy. And you’re supposed to be our main character. I guess we’re stuck with this level of intelligence for the rest of the book. Great!

LATER, we are told that Aspen is very happy lately and that he must be in love. He also tries to save some money and everyone assumes that he wants to get married, like there’s no other reason someone would want to save money.  Sigh.
They barely have money to eat and he’s saving money to marry dump America. This is stupid.

He really was going to ask me to marry him!

Auhhhhh. You know what it would be freaking awesome? For Aspen to have another girlfriend from Six, that he met lately and that’s why he’s more cheerful. America confirms it: Lately? We’d been meeting for nearly two years. Why only lately?
Am I mean?

This chapter was so boring and extremely short. There is no real interest so far and I feel like it’s gonna take a while to really get into the story.


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