General Info

If you are an author, publisher or publicist who would like me to review your books, I am currently accepting YA, and select NA and Middle Grade books for review.

I accept ARCs and finished copies, and also e-books (in epub or Kindle {App} (Mobi) format). If the book is part of a series, then I may also need to prequels to it. While I do accept e-books, I do prefer physical copies, only because they’re quicker for me to read. I also accept select self-published books.

Genres I read:
Science Fiction
Historical Fiction
Mystery / Thriller
Fairy Tale retellings


I will always try my best to write an informative review. Whether it be negative or positive, I will always give my genuine thoughts on the book in a respectful way. I will also try my best to read and post my review in a timely fashion and around the release date. If your book is not yet released then it’ll take priority over already released books.

If I accept your request, that means that I’ll definitely going to review this book and post it on my blog as soon as possible. If I think that your book deserves less than three stars, then I’ll contact you and ask you if you still want me to make a review.
My reviews are always posted on Goodreads and I also Amazon and Book Depository if you like.

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